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What Virtual class attendees are saying about

Santa And The Driver!


JR & Sharon Arthur,

“While almost any 'Santa School' will give you great information, Steve and Deb as 'Santa and the Driver' have created a wonderful and most humorous environment for learning about MANY things overlooked in other Santa Schools. I have attended every single one of their 'Santaology' series events and learned great techniques of storytelling, jump tales, Santa toys, and support equipment, such as animated elves and quacking-ducks, and have gained more insight into the heart and spirit of being Santa than any other Santa event I have attended."

"Don’t miss the opportunity to laugh, snort, and guffaw until you cry while getting every penny of your enrollment fee, in any event, Steve and Deb produce. I say this as a Scottish Santa who is as cheap as Scotsman can be. By the way, don’t worry about missing anything if you laugh ‘till you cry… Deb ensures that Steve will provide well-detailed notes on everything he presents in each of the series parts. These 'Santaology' Series Events are SO worth your time and money. Enroll now!!”

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