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Course schedule and class guidelines

Week One

“Storytelling 101” was the fourth chapter in Santaology, Book One, and needed an overhaul. I’ve done a
tremendous amount of work to improve my skills as a Storyteller since 2014-2015, and it was only fair to revamp this
chapter. So, how does one become a Christmas entertainer storyteller? How do you stand up before a group of children
and guide them through the storytelling process? We will discuss coming up with your ideas for stories and how to
prepare for the questions the children always ask Santa. For the first time, you will see what Steve refers to as “The
Story Tree.” Also, in the class, you will discuss the “Most Asked Questions By Children” and, also, for the first time, have
the opportunity to see the answers used by Steve. These questions and more will be answered!

Week Two

This week, we will tell this story, explaining to the children what it’s like to be a “Gift Giver” like Santa.
In writing this week’s lesson, the prop has changed from the one Barry Mitchell started with to another, which required
a total rewrite of the actual story in book one of Santaology. In doing the rewrite, I also decided on a new title for this
story called “Santa’s Job.” I will also tell the routine and props I use when I find a real “Child Gift Giver.” They do exist,
although very rare, and when you find one, you need to recognize the child. Presenting a Giver’s Bell to one of these
children is a short scripted affair, very emotional, and I will teach you exactly how to do it.


Week Three

You will love this week! You’ll learn everything about what Deb and I refer to as a “Sneak-a-Peek.”
Hereafter referred to as an SAP. I initially thought of this for families with acutely sick or terminally ill children. As
someone that started as a hospital Santa, I was always trying to exceed what I could do for these children and their
families. The SAP is it. You’ll also be thrilled to learn that this effect is perfect for regular families with healthy children.
Plus, the time for doing these usually is a time when you wouldn’t be working. SAP’s are a win-win. You will see actual
film footage of SAP’s performed by Steve. And finally, there is nothing I do that makes me feel more like the real Santa
Claus than a Sneak-a-Peek!


Week Four

We are getting close and are almost done. This week we will cover an assortment of subjects, none of
which require a full hour but all of which are important, or I wouldn’t have put them in book one. The “North Pole
Deliveries Map” is a custom map that I made for explaining how I get around the world to all the countries and children
of the world in one night. The map is an important story for older children. “ “Santa Ambassador Documents” are
precisely what a Santa needs to explain why he looks like Santa Claus to his own family, especially when younger
children are involved. Talk about wonder and magic. Imagine if Santa Claus recruited your Poppa as a helper. And
finally, “Getting Pretty.” Yes, I know, many people think that I look this good all the time. Well, I’m going to share all my
secrets with you and show you from start to finish how I turn into the good-looking Santa Claus people see.


Week Five

“Fizzlepop’s and Mr. Studley’s Toolkits” You can do an entire show with Fizzlepop’s toolkit. Mr.
Studley’s toolbox is an example of the tools an elf uses when working with wood. The Fizzlepop toolbox is pack with
futuristic electronic devices, most of which you demonstrate using the parent’s cell phones. It’s great fun, and the
children love watching their parents’ reactions. You will see actual videos of Steve using Fizzlepop’s tools to play with the
children and their parents. You will also learn how to acquire all the necessary props and Hobby Lobby wooden box to
put this kit together. The great thing about these props is you don’t have to spend a lot of money building them.
Studley’s box is made from a poster, and Fizzlepop’s tools are Dr. Who screwdrivers.

For Santaology – The Series, each week’s class will include copies of all scripts, links on where to secure supplies and props, video links on how to build props along with written instructions, and in most cases, actual video of Steve performing the story with children. All classes are recorded for your review. For further information, contact Steve at


Class Guidelines:

Limited class size
We will limit the class size for each group to 20 registrations. Our hope is that limiting the class size will allow for a more personal experience for everyone.

Same time, Same day, Same members
We will offer classes weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.


Registration will be for 5 classes on the same day of the week for 5 weeks. We will offer two days to choose from - Sunday and Monday.

The same 20 registrants will be assigned to your group for the entire 5 week series. Our hope is that by the end of the 5 weeks we all will have new contacts/friends/resources within the Santa Community.

A group email will be utilized. Those that do not want to be included in the group need to communicate that desire to prior to the first class.

Registration is for 5 classes for 5 weeks. The course fee is $210 for the full series.

ZOOM Time – Before, During and After
We plan to open each zoom meeting 1 hour prior to class time. This will allow participants to socialize with other classmates or ask questions. We are not sure what to call it – Social time, Happy Hour, Free-for All… but we want everyone to feel free to join early if they want to participate. This is optional and you can join us to chat early or wait to join the meeting at the scheduled time. Communication between students and teacher during social hour will be via unmuting, chat or raising of a hand depending on the noise volume.


Classes consist of 1 ½ hours of instruction via Zoom. Communication during class will be by chat or raising hand – Producer will relay comments or questions to teacher via transceiver.

We are punctual and the classes will begin promptly at the set time and will conclude on time. Those joining the meeting late or leaving the meeting early will need to review the videos to catch any information they missed.

Following the conclusion of the class will have Q&A session for up to 1 hour for questions regarding current or previous class information. Communication between students and teacher during social hour will be via unmuting, chat or raising of a hand

Everyone must wear pants or skirt
We know that these classes are virtual but we would like for all participants to be fully clothed.


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