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Course schedule and class guidelines

Week One

Reindeer, everything you need to know includes Darryl’s information, the one with the red nose. We bet you thought another name was used for the red nose reindeer. You will find out why Santa chose each reindeer over all the others and learn their true stories. We will discuss places to secure your reindeer photos, photo manipulation software, and finding people who manipulate images. One of the essential things a Santa Claus must do is organize the pictures of your reindeer team. During this class, you will learn how to show the reindeer to children and know what not to do. The things discussed during this class working equally well for live or virtual performances.

Week Two

What is a “Jump Tale?” This week we will go over one of my most popular stories, “Why I Put Bells on the Sleigh!” Having moms almost jump out of their seats while telling this story always gets a laugh from their children. We will show you the ins and outs of performing this story, the props needed, and the sound effects to bring it all home.

This story plays well live or virtually. “Naughty-Nice cards” are the perfect way to check which list a child is on. Of course, all children are nice, but they don’t know that. Santa has handed out thousands of nice cards, and he is always
amazed when he meets a grown child that still has the card Santa gave them when they were little. Creating wonder and
magic in less than a minute is easy if you know how to use these cards. No sleight of hand needed, by the way. You can
be a complete klutz and still pull this off.


Week Three

If ever there was one story that every Santa should adopt, Fairy Dust is the one.  This week you will learn all about the Fairies that help Santa. The ones that share their fairy dust to do all the things Santa has to do for Christmas. You will learn what each color of fairy dust does, learn how to demonstrate the different colors, how to build your fairy dust box for less than $100 with no woodworking or electronic skills. Bring the wonder and magic to your stories when you open the box and show the children “real fairy dust.” As a bonus, we will show you the props needed and how to perform “Collecting Fairies” with the children’s help.   Fairy dust works great virtually or live. Collecting fairies is easy to perform live. After week three, you will know all about the worders of fairy dust


Week Four

The one-story you never leave home without, “The Night Before Christmas.” Often requested, and most people assume that you will be ready and able. They may expect the reading that they have all heard many times. Why not exceed their expectations? You will learn how to perform this requested story as never before. Scripts for Santa as well as Mrs. Claus are provided. You will see a video of performing this story and how to use an uninvited Elf on the shelf. This story plays well live or virtually. “Making Snow Story” is a story enjoyed by both children and adults. Easy to perform and very little preparation, plus it allows for two helpers from the audience to come up and assist Santa. This story plays for live  performances.


Week Five

The “Mother of all Diamonds” is a story twist on a prop made by Barry Mitchell. This story sets the coal story straight and teaches the children a virtue without them knowing. The Mother of all Diamonds is one of our most requested stories, and with the Gift Magic of special coal, very memorable. You will learn how to make this unique prop, how to perform, and what you need to do for Christmas morning. This story plays well live and virtually. The “Santa’s Prayer Book” is one for every Santa and Mrs. Claus. You will see how to use the little red prayer book for those special request that Santa does not have the power to perform. We never leave home without the Santa Prayer Book. This story works well both live and virtually but is best in person.

For Santaology – The Series, each week’s class will include copies of all scripts, links on where to secure supplies and props, video links on how to build props along with written instructions, and in most cases, actual video of Steve performing the story with children. All classes are recorded for your review. For further information, contact Steve at


Class Guidelines:

Limited class size
We will limit the class size for each group to 20 registrations. Our hope is that limiting the class size will allow for a more personal experience for everyone.

Same time, Same day, Same members
We will offer classes weekly for 5 consecutive weeks.


Registration will be for 5 classes on the same day of the week for 5 weeks. We will offer two days to choose from - Sunday and Monday.

The same 20 registrants will be assigned to your group for the entire 5 week series. Our hope is that by the end of the 5 weeks we all will have new contacts/friends/resources within the Santa Community.

A group email will be utilized. Those that do not want to be included in the group need to communicate that desire to prior to the first class.

Registration is for 5 classes for 5 weeks. The course fee is $210 for the full series.

ZOOM Time – Before, During and After
We plan to open each zoom meeting 1 hour prior to class time. This will allow participants to socialize with other classmates or ask questions. We are not sure what to call it – Social time, Happy Hour, Free-for All… but we want everyone to feel free to join early if they want to participate. This is optional and you can join us to chat early or wait to join the meeting at the scheduled time. Communication between students and teacher during social hour will be via unmuting, chat or raising of a hand depending on the noise volume.


Classes consist of 1 ½ hours of instruction via Zoom. Communication during class will be by chat or raising hand – Producer will relay comments or questions to teacher via transceiver.

We are punctual and the classes will begin promptly at the set time and will conclude on time. Those joining the meeting late or leaving the meeting early will need to review the videos to catch any information they missed.

Following the conclusion of the class will have Q&A session for up to 1 hour for questions regarding current or previous class information. Communication between students and teacher during social hour will be via unmuting, chat or raising of a hand

Everyone must wear pants or skirt
We know that these classes are virtual but we would like for all participants to be fully clothed.


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