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What Virtual class attendees are saying about

Santa And The Driver!


Greg Swiech, Santa Kringle LLC
I signed up for “Santalogy The Series,” wondering why Stephen uses five cameras and how Debbie controls the cutting and sound of all that technology. Notice I said nothing about stories or props. Instead, I was transported back to my childhood with “Once upon a time.”
Afterward, I left the five-week class with the knowledge and power of heartfelt stories.
Stephen and Debra have the best format for LIVE virtual training that I’ve experienced, starting with time for all attendees to feel comfortable, and giving everybody time to express themselves. Then the course begins with visual expertise and recorded examples with children.
Stephen ends with ample time for all your question. By the way, Deborah sends all handouts promptly.
I learned the technical side of my curiosity and much, much more. The best class I have ever attended.

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