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What Virtual class attendees are saying about

Santa And The Driver!


Santa Joe “Mystic” McGrievy
Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santa – President

I took Santa Steve Gillham’s course “Santaology the Series” Part 1 and Part 2 last year. The bottom line, it made me a better Santa.  Adding the stories I learned helped me engage everyone in front of me. The children listened, and the adults were entertained as much as the children. Everyone was enamored by my (Steve’s) stories of the reindeer, the elves, and fairies with their fairy dust. The classes gave
me enough stories to change stories from year to year so that I am not telling the same story to the same family or audience year after year.

The classes gave time for Steve to pass his vast knowledge onto us and left time for questions and answers. The course features multiple cameras and Steve’s wife, Debra, running the tech end of the classes.  Steve keeps the classes small so we can all interact with each other and with Steve.The classes also include everything Steve teaches in written form as well as video; you can go back and restudy. We also
received pictures, documents, and certificates we could print to enhance our storytelling.

As an added bonus, Debra pops in occasionally with funny stories about Steve’s mistakes and mishaps during Steve’s Santa career. Of course, Steve denies some of these stories, but I think Debra remembers best.

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