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What Virtual class attendees are saying about

Santa And The Driver!


Franklin Andrews
Lee Andrews Productions

“I had the absolute pleasure of being a part of the early conversations where Steve and Deb were developing the idea of the Santaology – the Series. I then had the honor of attending both the first and second sessions. Let me first say that the Santaology series was by far the BEST educational experience I have had for my Santa portrayal EVER. I have attended almost all possible learning outlets for professional Santas in the continental United States. The Santaology series was by far the most comprehensive study session I have ever had. As instructors Steve and Deb were the most patient,
thorough, prepared, and flexible teachers I have ever encountered. They are genuinely interested in you as the student and honestly care about seeing you elevate your Santa to the next level.

As a group, Santaology being limited to a select number of students in each session made us experience something together as a unit. In addition, the smaller class size allowed us to create a rapport with each other to be cheerleaders for one another throughout the experience. It felt like I was not alone on this journey and just another face in a sea of 600 Santas.

The Santaology series also had some of the most comprehensive written material following classes that I have ever seen. Steve and Deb hold nothing back and hide nothing from students regarding how they do things or where they purchase items. Sometimes, someone will teach you something but not share how to create your version. Steve and Deb are not those people, and that is such a fantastic added bonus to the series.

Not investing in yourself and registering for a Santaology series class isn’t just a disservice to yourself, but it is a disservice to the children who visit you. Santaology, the Series is THE next step you should take to become the best Santa you can possibly be.”

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