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What Virtual class attendees are saying about

Santa And The Driver!


Becky & Lenny Stratton

Our Santaology experience with Steve & Deb Gillham: 
Our first interaction with Steve and Deb Gillham was in Branson, MO. As a new Claus couple, we were star-struck just listening to Steve tell stories and thinking about how to achieve just a fraction of the ability to tell our own stories. His book Santaology was an excellent guide as we began our journey. When Steve and Deb started “Santaology the Series,” we were delighted to expand on
more storytelling techniques with Steve. His inspiration, willingness to share and the stories that became available to us have inspired and helped us to be more confident and creative. The performance videos shown gave you a close-up look at the process. The PDF files sent to us with all the information are priceless. It is an incredible experience to hear the stories and be given hints and
tips for their use. Deb and Steve make a dynamite duo as they work closely together. Steve’s knowledge and care in providing just the right information was excellent. Because the group size was limited, we had significant interactions with the other attendees, and all the classes were live.

The time with them went by so quickly that it left us wanting more – we can’t wait for the next session! We highly recommend Santaology the Series!


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