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What Virtual class attendees are saying about

Santa And The Driver!


Jim Lewis
Asheville, NC

Pandemic restrictions of 2020/21 have indisputably altered how we depict Santa and Mrs. Claus. The usual methods for providing continuing education no longer existed, leaving many of us unprepared to jump into the virtual world. “Zoomies” became a primary conduit, replacing these missing opportunities. Without the dedication of some of our more computer savvy and skilled teaching colleagues, we would not have enjoyed the degree of success we saw.

For that reason, I would be negligent in not spotlighting the SANTAOLOGY – The Series—Part 1 & 2, a most enjoyable online course presented by Santa Stephen and his wife, Debra Gillham. Both are well known throughout the Santa world for their always well-attended presentations at nationally, internationally, district, state, and local events.

Attendees are provided substantial diverse material easily transformed into age-appropriate storytelling. Which I believe is a critical skill for any Santa. The transformation is demonstrated through the short videos of Steve telling specific stories to actual audiences.

Understanding and improving your storytelling is not the only benefit of this class, albeit one of the cornerstones. The concept of telling a story addresses the development of props, routines,
improvisation, Santa history, travel physics, geography, technical equipment, wardrobe, hair and beard care, and equipment malfunctions.

Bottom line: I highly recommend this course to any Santa or Mrs. Claus. Regardless if you are a beginning Santa or a Santa with 20+ years of experience. You will learn new adaptive skills that will translate into an improved Santa portrayal. In addition, this course is consistent with the
Santa Claus Oath.

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