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What Virtual class attendees are saying about

Santa And The Driver!


Santa Jerry Owens, Santa From The Heart

“When Steve first published his book Santaology, I purchased one, and I am thrilled I did. I refer to it often and have let others take and read it. The wealth of knowledge in this book is immense and told so that anyone of us can adapt the stories to our performances. I sincerely appreciated that he was willing to share these time-tested ways of making Santa come to life, keeping the magic alive for those children on the edge of believing. And, if you had a question, Steve was just a call away.

I was so pleased when I saw that Steve and Deb were offering the Santaology book in a live Zoom-type school. Can you imagine being able to speak with the author face to face as he breaks down one of the greatest gifts we have in the Santa Claus community? I have attended several schools during my time as a Santa Claus, and I have learned a lot and still do. Each time I hear a class, I take something home with what I hope will improve my performance as a Santa Claus portrayer.

The Zoom “Santaology Part 1 and Part 2” are classes every Christmas entertainer, be they Santa, Mrs. Claus, or even an Elf, can learn valuable information. Of course, reading the book is excellent, but I could see and hear Steve and Deb explain the often overlooked items. Listening to them speak in this live Zoom class and seeing how Deb interacts with Steve was golden. For instance, some things are better seen in the Smart Santa routine where Deb is Steve’s secret source of information, providing him information only the “Real Santa” could know. It’s easy to understand how powerful this effect is after witnessing it used with children.

One of the advantages of this type of school is the size of the class, which they limited to 20 participants. They also gave us the chance to ask questions one hour before and one hour after each class. Allowing everyone to hear the other participant’s questions and comments with Steve and Deb answering in real-time. Seeing Steve perform the routines in a taped Santa visit Steve, watching how children react and how Steve answers their always tough questions we all get, took these classes over the top!

The opportunity to learn from those that have been doing this for years is not something we should ever take for granted. The times are tough, and not everyone can afford to take a trip to a school or a Santa gathering, but here is a chance to learn from a Classic figure such as Steve Gillham and his wife Deb in the convenience of your own home, face to face. If the opportunity comes again, I will do my best to attend again. As I said earlier, I never stop learning, and this, my friends, is a chance of a lifetime to learn from a gifted, fun-loving, dedicated performer.

Santaology-Part 1 and Part 2 live on Zoom is a 5-star class in a class all by itself. So if you want to improve your performance, Santa, this is a class I highly recommend! Another advantage of this class is that Steve provides you with a PDF booklet of all the information he and Deb discuss. So during the class, you can concentrate on the subject and know that when finished, the PDF will be there to refer back to for years to come. You just can’t beat a deal like this!
As Leon McBride always says, “When you’re green, you grow. When you’re ripe, you rot” in other words, we can never stop learning and growing as Santa Claus, or we will eventually be passed over. You won’t go wrong, I promise!"


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